Monday, April 8, 2013

Query like summary? Maybe.

Kareline Cardenas is part of families of curanderos, modern day witches. Kareline uses her unique abilities and knowledge to fight the dark forces that most people can't even fathom that exist. Yet in the country of her ancestors, El Salvador her abilities are rendered useless as she encounters an evil force possessing a young woman that barely leaves Kareline alive after their first battle.

Kareline knows that she was too confident in her abilities and too reckless in her haste to confront the demon that she decides to slowly study and comprehend what she is facing. Kareline is aware that there is a limited amount of time to separate the young woman from the demon. Unfortunately Kareline is called time and time again to use her abilities to help strangers and even her own family member. Each time Kareline uses her abilities she is left exhausted and stretched too thin. It is physically draining and emotionally hurtful.

Why is the evil that runs amok on earth feels a lot more stronger and dangerous in the tiny country of El Salvador? Why is Kareline the strongest and most unique member of her families? Why is falling in love with a dark eyed stranger during Kareline's weakest, difficult, strongest and triumphant time of her life feel so right and wrong at the same time? And just how many lives will be at stake when the final battle battle between the demon and Kareline occurs?

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