Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catching up and log line

I have been missing in blogging. I started the blog with the intention of blogging at least once a week. I felt that it would be a way to help me get over my fear of showing any type of my writing. I still feel this way. I will diligently try to blog at least once a week. Now you will get tired of me.

What have I been doing the last three or four months? I have been working on my novel. It is a very long process, many long nights and a lot of editing and revising. I have been reading a lot of helpful information, the Internet is littered with it and I am taking full advantage of that.

I recently came across Kristen Lamb's Blog: http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/. I have been having trouble writing the sypnosis for my novel. As I was reading her latest entry, http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/structure-part-5-keeping-focused-nailing-the-pitch-understand-your-seed-idea-2/ , she writes about nailing the pitch idea and a log line. I don't think that I have yet to nail my pitch idea or log line,  but she pointed me in the right direction. Now if she could only point me in the right direction for a title.

This is my potential log line:
In El Salvador, Kareline with her unique abilities battles a strong and unknown evil the likes of what she has never faced and falling in love with a dark eyed stranger was also something she had never experienced before.
What do you think?

Updated log line:
Kareline is a modern day witch that travels to the country of El Salvador to use her abilities to fight an evil far more dangerous than what she has ever encountered but falling in love with a dark eyed stranger puts her life that much closer to death.

Which is better the first one or the second one? Or neither?

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