Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Music to get the creative juices flowing

Just as the title of this post states, I find music is the ideal way to get the creative juices flowing and a big help when I'm suffering from writers block.  I've been rewriting some chapters and I find myself switching artist and music genre with the mood of what I am writing. My itunes library consists of 198 artists and growing. The following are just what jumps into my mind right now, but by no means is it limited to only them.
During fast paced sequences, I alternated between Cage the Elephant, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and the Foo Fighters, to name a few. Heartbreak, love betrayal or any words written that cause pain due to love, Adele is a must and I Should Have Known by the Foo Fighters. (Dave Grohl is a music genius but that is just my personal opinion).  Billie Holiday's beautiful voice is ideal for the exchange of sweet words between lovers and Robin Thick's low sexy voice has the love scenes practically writing themselves.
There is no specific song or genre that I have to listen to when I am having difficulty writing something or when I can't seem to write at all. I just turn my itunes library shuffle on and listen to whatever starts playing. Eventually the words and scenes start flowing back. 
Music does not only get my creative juices flowing, music is part of my everyday life, be it the ride in the car, working, exercising and even just lounging around.
And what do I use to write a post for my blog? The answer is whatever my itunes library decides to play and right now it decided on Imagine by John Lennon.

And just in case anyone needed instructions in how to integrate music into your writing here you are:  hehehehe....

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