Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finish what you start

A little late but Happy New Years everyone!

A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet an amazing person who is a mother, a wife, a business woman, an actress and a published author. She asked me what I did. I said I'm trying to be a writer. She then proceeded to ask me what I meant by trying. I answer that I've written two novels and I am working on my third. She said then you aren't trying, you are a writer. She knows so many people that say they are writers but never finish what they started. She said that I was a writer not just pretending to be one. She's right, I am a writer.

I could be the worlds worst writer but I am putting in my hours. When I was employed I would get home from work and sit in front of my laptop and a stack of papers and write, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. Now that I am unemployed my laptop is always on and in between filling out job application, I am writing sometimes still until 3 or in the morning. It might not be perfect but I am putting in the hours and accomplishing what I want to do.  +Kristen Lamb has a blog. I've mentioned her once before for those of you who are writers, she has a lot of great information about writing and using social media for your benefit. But anyway she had this to say, "The world doesn't reward perfectionist; it rewards finishers."

Which brings me to this blog; it will not be perfect, feel free to leave a comment about it, but I will be posting. I stress the punctuations, the words I'm using and it leads me to scratch the post. It is weird because it is so different to how I write my novels. Then again I can go back and add the coma, take out the period, and change the words. But on the blog once I press publish it is available for people to see. So this goes out into the world of blogging imperfect but finished.


  1. very true! you do follow through! I did not know you had two novels already? Hey, what about working on something local? some local publication, like one of those LA weekly magazines. Someone once mentioned to me that I should venture that way, but haha I not really a writter lol.

    1. I do have two novels done! By done I mean written but I am still editing both. I started a third one, it's in the developing stage. Which means writing plots, scenarios, character developement. I will look into the local publication you mentioned too. Thanks.